Letter: Policy should change to accommodate students

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RE: “When can you record lectures?” Sept. 26, I am absolutely appalled by what I read in that article.

I understand there is a handbook in place for the specific reason of holding adults accountable.

I also understand, as a former teacher and a veteran, people do not have the same learning styles.

To listen to someone talk or write may be too much for some people to handle.

Not to mention the instruction may happen too quickly for them to actually grasp what the professor is trying to get across.

To be afforded the opportunity to use a recording device shouldn’t be strictly based on who can gather enough courage to ask or who is willing to fight harder for it.

Everyone attending any educational institution should be allowed to learn using any means necessary. Exhausting all options for the best possible outcome.

I think the policy in the handbook needs to change. People shouldn’t have to take all these unnecessary steps just to learn the way that best suits them.

Learning styles should not be dictated or controlled; they should be embraced, especially for those with disabilities.

To even think that a disabled student would have to take time to find all the proper people to ask to use a device that may be their only option of learning is absolutely heinous. This needs to change.


Kristyna Brady

Biology Pre-Nursing Sophomore

San Antonio College


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