Passion for politics

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By Grace Reyes

Presidential elections are around the corner, and some students from this college are volunteering for local campaigns.

Business administration sophomore Kevin Ramirez is a Republican campaign volunteer.

Ramirez wants to be involved in politics so he can be more aware of what’s happening.

“When I first started, I thought I knew a lot about a certain candidate, and now I realize there’s more than just the surface,” Ramirez said. “You have to dig deep to what has really been accomplished and what has been intended.”

Depending on what the candidate prefers, volunteers must inform voters about their candidate.

“Two main things that most campaigns focus on is they want to talk to constituents and they use methods like block walking and phone banking,” Ramirez said.

Volunteering for political parties, regardless of the party, does come with benefits.

“I love the knowledge and the experience that comes with it,” Ramirez said.

“When I did my first campaign, I knew nothing, and now I’m helping out other volunteers. I help them understand, and I like helping the candidate that I like and help them win.”

Ramirez said he could not divulge the candidate he is volunteering for because he signed a contract with the Republican Party of Bexar County.

His heritage and research eventually led Ramirez to the right political party for him.

“When I was younger, most Hispanics feel they must be Democratic, but once I started doing my research, I started seeing where my ideas belong,” Ramirez said. “I started off as a Democrat, but once I informed myself, I leaned more towards being a Republican.”

Students who want to volunteer for a specific party can look online for the Bexar County chapter of that party, or they can visit the local headquarters.

“I actually went to the GOP headquarters, and that’s where they got me involved,” Ramirez said.

With former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and business mogul Donald J.Trump as the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates, many voters are struggling with whom to choose.

Ramirez said he is undecided.

“It’s a situation that no one likes,” he said. “I got lucky to be a part of the elections in the worst time possible. I like Clinton’s experience, but I like Trump’s point of view. If only we had a candidate that had both.”

Ramirez said he appreciates Clinton’s political background and Trump’s business knowledge.

“I like how Clinton’s well-educated in policy and in administrations, but I like Trump’s new angle, on how he wants to run the economy like a business-man. It’s something I wouldn’t mind trying,” he said.

Ramirez believes it’s important for everybody’s involvement, especially young adults and teenagers who are able to vote.

“We are next in line; we are going to inherit what’s left. It’s important to get involved, it’s good to start young and it’s important to be informed on who to vote for.”


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