Center a model of success

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Other departments should follow empowerment center if advocating the Alamo Way.

Even with budget cuts and staff reductions over the past couple of years that hurt services like tutoring or library hours, students can find some comfort knowing a department still offers a multitude of helpful resources for students.

The empowerment center is home to the department of services for women and non-traditional students, or SWANS, and offers services for both students and the community.

The center has three labs dedicated to computer usage, school-related needs and career assistance.

Students can ask for help on basic computer skills, online registration or learning about the right major.

Academic advising is available, in addition to career counseling.

It’s essentially a student’s dream in terms of a space where they can get all the help they need to succeed and assemble a plan for the future.

This one location does what a handful of departments at this college do, without the inconvenience of traveling from building to building, department to department.

Why would you want to go anywhere else?

According to its website, services are provided for individuals who need support to succeed in a college environment.

Some of the services include academic skills development, emergency transportation and textbook assistance for qualified participants, child care referrals, parenting support programs, scholarship resources and more. The list goes on.

The center is also home to the Non-Traditional Students Club, which promotes and provides support and assistance to students.

The department is a prime example of the Alamo Way, which is defined by student success, principle-centered leadership and performance excellence — a slogan that is preached by the chancellor and administration time and again.

Students look for convenience and a sense of welcome, not an assistant or adviser sending them elsewhere because they cannot deal with their problems.

If the Alamo Colleges truly follow their mission statement of empowering our diverse communities for student success, then administrators should take notice of the good work SWANS is doing and follow the model of its successes when working on or developing future support departments.


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