Student 101: Moody key to registration

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Students may find the process daunting, but advisers can help.

By Zachary-Taylor Wright

The registration process on campus can feel overwhelming and complicated, but there are plenty of sources on campus designated to making it easier for current, future and returning students.

Joe Jacques, associate director of student success in the enrollment management department, suggests that current students check with their advisers often and always.

“I would always check with my adviser before registration — always. To make sure I’m taking the correct courses. Especially if I’m planning to attend a four year university,” Jacques said, emphasizing the importance of contacting advisers during the registration process.

Jacques said students should begin the registration process as early as possible to ensure they get classes they want at the time that best suits their schedule.

“Most people want to take classes early in the morning and be done,” Jacques said. “If you wait to register, those classes will be gone.”

Jacques warned that students who haven’t attended classes in a year or more will have to resubmit an Apply Texas application.

Certified adviser Norma Ramirez said students who apply for enrollment should wait until they receive their enrollment status to see an adviser; once the application process is complete, she advises students to make an appointment with an adviser as soon as possible.

Ramirez suggests that students prepare questions they need their adviser to answer before going in to meet to ensure that all concerns are addressed.

“It’s just like making a grocery list,” Ramirez said. “You open your fridge to ensure everything you need is on the list.”



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