Library offers study help

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Students can phone, email and text librarians about subjects they need help with.

By Felicia Mora

The library has resources to help students with research and studying.

“The library is a very important to students as a place to come and do the kind of quiet reflective work as well as to meet in a group and collaborate, so we try to be very sensitive to those spaces,” said Celita Avila, reference and instruction librarian, Nov. 9.

“Basically you can ask us anything, but some specific examples researchwise would be — ‘I need help narrowing my topic. I need help finding the right key words to use to search,’” she said.

Students also can access study rooms by being in a group of two or more to go over a topic. This can be done by signing up with a Banner ID at the service desk in the library in Moody Learning Center.

The study rooms on the second floor have computers and the ones on the third and fourth floor do not. There are 18 study rooms on the second, third, and fourth floors.

Students can text RMS to 210-714-1649 to see which rooms are available.

For a quiet place to study, students can go to the third floor and sit at a study carrel.

Students also can book an appointment with a librarian for individual help. Students book 30-minute appointments online and meet with a librarian who will talk with them more indepth about their assignment and what their goals are, Avila said.

“The book-a-librarian appointments really help us focus in on what do you need to accomplish right now. How can we help you with a particular skill or concept and we have found that that goes beyond more that searching but getting into that area where we need evaluation, incorporation of sources, making sure you have the best thing to do whatever argument you are trying to do,” Avila said.

The book-a-librarian service and the writing center will work together in the spring to integrate their resources to help students formulate their research papers better, Avila said.

The library also has ask-a-librarian service online that allows students to submit a question and get an answer from a librarian. A student can phone, email or text a librarian with a question.

“What’s really cool is that after a chat session, a student can email themselves a transcript,” she said.

Generally, whenever the reference desk is open, a librarian will be available to answers questions, Avila said.

All the librarians are certified in the topics they help with.

“We’re all considered generalists so we can handle all topics, but we do have different background areas. So, for instance I’m a librarian and even though I can work in any class, teach any of the research workshops. I buy books in music, art education, architecture, all the fine arts,” she said.

“We all have responsibilities to different departments in different areas because our college’s accreditation does rely on it,” Avila said.


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