Executive Faculty Council meets for new semester

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The council discusses early alert and faculty voice.

By Michelle Delgado


Faculty Senate President Tiffany Cox Hernandez shares her thoughts at the Executive Faculty Council on the importance of faculty voice within the five Alamo colleges Jan. 13 in Killen Center. The Executive Faculty Council also discussed the Early Alerts emails sent to students when grades are at risk. Photo by Brianna Rodrigue

Executive Faculty Council met at the Killen Center Friday morning to discuss initiatives and implementations for this semester.

Executive Faculty Council was set up for faculty to have a voice in new initiatives that district personnel may not consider since they are not directly on campus, said Dianna Torres Lee, senate president at Northeast Lakeview.

This was the council’s first meeting in its second semester.

The early alert system was a topic discussed in the meeting.

Administrators and faculty use this system to identify at-risk students to refer them to helpful campus and community resources.

Students can find an early alert email in their ACES email if their grades are considered at-risk.

“The faculty-student-adviser partnership and relationship is going to be very important as we look ahead to what we might be recommending in building a strong foundation for what early alert is,” said Debi Gaitan, vice president of student success at Northwest Visa.

One topic discussed during the meeting was a faculty survey that had been sent out.

The purpose of this survey is to understand what faculty can see to improve student success.

One concern during the meeting was the importance of faculty voice and equality across the five colleges.

The ad hoc committee is set for this semester with one change.

”We made sure there was at least one faculty member and one faculty chair on this committee from each of the five colleges,” said Tiffany Cox Hernandez, senate president here.

Hernandez said this way there are different perspectives on the table.

The ad hoc committee was formed to propose new initiatives to the Executive Faculty Senate. By March it should receive feedback from the Executive Faculty Senate.

An EFC website is in the works for information to be available to everyone.

The next meeting is 10 a.m.–noon Jan. 27 at the Killen Center, 201 W. Sheridan St. The group meets every second and fourth Friday of the month.

For more information, call Lisa Black, executive faculty fellow, at 486-0347.


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