Look up autonomy

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The district preaches autonomy, while forcing districtwide updates.

What do you call a bunch of people with doctorates and other higher ed degrees who can’t define autonomy?

The Alamo Community College District, Alamo Colleges District or Alamo Colleges board of trustees.

Hopefully the irony of an overseeing, policy-making board requiring autonomous colleges to submit requests for approval and updates on their process isn’t lost on the board.

It’s perplexing that slapping “district” on a name that isn’t legally recognized is the most innovative or proactive solution a room chock-full of doctoral degrees can fathom.

The trustees have weaseled their way into the very core of autonomy and academics by forcing faculty to incorporate the leadership style of a modified Mormon, cult bible into their classrooms.

Thankfully, this college has President Robert Vela to clarify the confusing recommendations made by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges by informing concerned faculty and staff he doesn’t “think” Policy B.9.1 is intended to infiltrate academics.

The board of trustees has continually tried to slither around SACSCOC’s recommendations for autonomy.

They have done this by overcomplicating the issues by referring to the Comprehensive Standards as “contextual” and the recommendations as “technical.”

Wouldn’t it seem logical when trying to demonstrate autonomy to actually allow the colleges to be autonomous?

Here’s some context: The board needs to attend therapy to heal their middle child syndrome in attempting to achieve district recognition — let the colleges brand themselves.

The board needs to research what “institutional” means before incorrectly developing an institutional grade-point average.

The board needs to stop whitewashing the diversity in demographics found across the colleges.

The board has taken a simple message, overcomplicated it and regurgitated their own public relations propaganda to get the public to match its agenda.

It’s time the board starts doing what they were asked to do by SACSCOC, their voting public and faculty and staff.


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