Adjunct Faculty Council discusses survey results

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The Adjunct Faculty Council discuss a survey that was sent out last November to give feedback from Adjunct Faculty members regarding involvement with the departments Feb 1 at Gonzales. Photo by Noah Acevedo

The council reviews feedback from adjuncts and agree on another year of awards.

By Michelle Delgado

Adjunct Faculty Council discussed a communication survey sent to all adjuncts at this college in November.

Five members of the council reviewed the feedback Jan. 31 from adjuncts.

“The survey was done last semester, and to my understanding, this semester, I know that the math department lost quite a few due to lower enrollment,” math Adjunct Gustavo Valdez-Ortiz said.

The survey asked if adjuncts felt like they receive all necessary communication.

One response to the survey said, “I would like to see a once a month meeting on teaching strategies, curriculum enhancement and classroom management techniques.”

Amanda Martin took the recommendation to Faculty Senate and talked specifically to the members who are also department chairs.

She asked that if they do not already, to consider formulizing and making an invitation “so that those adjuncts that are able and want to do know that they can attend and participate in such offerings.

The survey asked to list the types of communication needed by adjuncts so they can be effective instructors who are fully informed of changes to the policies at this college.

“There shouldn’t be policies that only apply to adjuncts,” one response said. “We are adults and shouldn’t be delegated to as if we were students. Why was it the case that full-time faculty and administrators voted on whether or not adjuncts should get raises or not? Adjuncts didn’t vote on that. Full-time faculty got to vote on whether or not they deserved raises. How are we lesser employees? We aren’t.”

They do get invited and attend meetings, one comment read. “I do feel that adjuncts who do not attend meetings — and I understand that they are not paid to attend — they do not get all the information necessary to help students.”

“That response right there needs to go out to all the department chairs,” retired Adjunct Randi Wayland said. “This is how adjuncts feel when you don’t count them as part of the team.”

The survey will be taken to the college executive team after approval from Faculty Senate for further consideration.

“Out of over 500 adjuncts, only 30 people responded?” Wayland said. “That makes me ill.”

“You can’t get anything done if you don’t participate,” she said.

In other business, the council voted unanimously on awarding Adjuncts Creating Excellence award for the third year, and all were in favor.

A proposal went to district about a charge for human resources to have an adjunct compensation committee, but there has been no response.

Martin suggested sending the proposal to the Executive Faculty Council to ask them if they think the proposal should be put through that body.


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