Call for consistent cleaning standards

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The cleaning levels employed exemplify disparity in quality.

Cleaning standards across the buildings at this college are mediocre on average but highly inconsistent between buildings — the result of a poorly organized custodial system.

Parts of buildings are favored with an absurd level system, where some sections withstand “moderate dinginess indicators” with “dull, dingy and stained” floors and baseboards and “conspicuous dirt marks, smudges and fingerprints.”

Allowing the college to suffer such pitiful cleanliness standards is shameful.

If shabby services meets the district’s quality requirements for college cleaning, where else are students and employees being cheated?

Is cafeteria cleanliness and food freshness Level 4? Is potable water allowed “moderate dinginess indicators?”

The district should have plenty of cash to put toward custodial services, considering the vast cuts in student services across all of the colleges.

Statements provided by employees of the college indicate the disparity in cleaning quality between buildings, or even by floor in some instances — employees working in Oppenheimer Academic Center expressed very diverse opinions about the custodial service among floors in the building.

It is unacceptable the district thinks any area warrants being cleaned at the APPA Level 4, leaving students and employees to clean up messes.

Far too much of taxpayers’ and students’ money is funneled into custodial services for the college to exhibit such subpar custodial accommodation.

Perhaps this is yet another example of the district’s “it’s just a community college” attitude.

If the college employs APPA Levels 2 through 4, then what criteria is used to determine which buildings withstand the embarrassing Level 4 standards?

Clean is clean. Students and our employees deserve the best.

It’s time to ditch the contracts and levels and hire custodians.

Create jobs for the community and potentially save the college money — or, at the very least, abandon item-by-item breakdown and apply at least Level 2 to the entire college.

The district can take some initiative and employ at least APPA Level 2 across all the Alamo Colleges.


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