Paperless printing system easy as 1, 2, 3

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The Go Print system helps students print papers they need when they are paperless at home. There are 11 Go Print systems on campus such as in the writing center of Gonzales Hall and the SLAC lab in Moody Learning Center on the seventh floor. Photo by Brianna Rodrigue

Go Print is available in 7 buildings on campus.

By Brandon A. Edwards

The writing center in Gonzales Hall offers students more than assistance on assignments. It also houses two Go Print stations.

Go Print is a print management system introduced to this college in the spring of 2007 as a part of a Go Green initiative.

The Go Print system has 11 locations on campus.

In addition to the station in the writing center, Gonzales Hall has another in the INRW lab in Room 118.

These stations are installed in Moody Learning Center on the seventh floor in the SLAC lab, student technology center in Room 706, counseling center in Room 143 and the library on the second floor.

Others are in the business lab in Room 307 of Oppenheimer Academic Center,

in Room 124 C in McCreless Hall, Room 258 in Chance Academic Center, Room 338 in the nursing complex and Room 204 in the early childhood studies center.

The writing center in room 203 of Gonzales Hall has two print stations, a Go Print cash card machine and a reload center, giving students tools needed to use the printing system.

“The Go Print system has two ways of operating,” Charles Crowley, adviser of student success, said. “Either pay $1 and be issued a reloadable card or use the online account.”

Paying $1 gets the student a Go Print reloadable card and a 50-cent print credit toward initial prints.

“Prices went down for once in our lives,” Crowley said jokingly.

In 2015-16 Go Print prices where at 10 cents per page and have been decreased to 5 cents per page at the beginning of 2016-17.

Once the card is loaded, students may use the card at any Go Print station on campus.

Creating an account is simple, Crowley said.  

First-time users will create an account with a username and password. Once the account has been created, the system will direct users to input credit card information to load the print account.

The payment required ranges between $2 and $20.

“Most people prefer the card. It’s a little less confusing” Crowley said.

For information, call the writing center at 210-486-1433.


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