EFC members collect data

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Vice President of academic success Jothany Blackwood discusses information regarding future plans for the Alamo Colleges such as the early alert system on Jan. 27 at Killen. The meeting includes faculty members from each of the colleges. The group was formed to ensure that faculty have a voice in new initiatives that district personel may not consider. Photo by Noah Acevedo

The council discusses change management and faculty development data collection.

By Michelle Delgado


The Executive Faculty Council discussed data collection Jan. 27 for faculty development and the steps they need to take before their visit to Valencia College in March.

“We have gone through the research and the data and are moving forward on the next piece, which is one more piece of data analysis to do,” Tammy Perez, Faculty Senate Vice President said. “From that we will be creating a survey that will go out to all faculty to see where we are with the change management piece.”

Perez announced that she wants to get a small group of people together who have been through change management training to see exactly what it will look like moving forward.

“This is a good place to be if you want to jump in because we are in the very first one so we are feeling our way and seeing what that looks like,” she said, inviting the council members.

The faculty development advisory committee is the ad-hoc committee involved, Faculty Senate President, Tiffany Cox Hernandez, said.

The council discussed changes to the work proposal name, for a better understanding.

All council members were in favor of changing the name to “EFC proposal” from “work proposal.”

The next step in the process of research is to collect data by going to the five colleges to gather information and opinions about faculty development.

The idea is to collect what already exists at district, college and department levels to see what they may do individually.

“The second part of the data collection is, ‘now what do we want to do?” Hernandez said. “What would be, in a perfect world, your idea of great faculty development?”

The council is expected to finish collecting data by March 5 for the members of the faculty advisory board to take the information to Valencia College in Orlando, Fla., to compare models for improvement.

Valencia College is nationally recognized as leaders in faculty development, Hernandez said.

“We’re going to go to see what their innovation center is like and then they are also going to help us to create our own,” she said.

The faculty development advisory board consists at least two faculty and academic administrators from all the colleges.

“They have an innovation center where they hold faculty development opportunities for their own faculty across the colleges, but they also bring in other people like us, so they sort of facilitate us working through a plan or project,” she said.

The group will visit Valencia March 5-7.



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