Dating game prompts roars but no rendezvous

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Nursing sophomore Miranda Valderas asks bachelor No. 2, liberal arts sophomore Gabriel Martinez, to describe what bachelor No. 1 engineering freshman John Sanchez, looks like during the “The Dating Game” Feb. 14 in Loftin. Valderas chose contestant No. 3, biology freshman Donovan Guzman, for a date. Students who participated won prizes such as chocolates, cookies and pizza. Photo by Deandra Gonzalez

Winners nab smart speakers and sweets in Valentine’s Day event.

By Grayce Trevino

Twelve students laughed, joked and improvised their way through a version of the retro TV show “The Dating Game” Feb. 14 in the cafeteria of Loftin Student Center.

The game consisted of three rounds. A bachelor or bachelorette posed a series of questions to three contestants, who were hidden from his or her view by a curtain, and then chose their favorite.

The three couples opted not to go on dates, but they all won prizes. Two bachelorettes, one bachelor and three winning contestants each received an Amazon Echo and candy.

During the first round, liberal arts freshman Jacob Vasquez asked three female students questions such as, “How would you describe your last relationship? Fresh and fruity or hot and steamy?”

The contestant answered with fresh and fruity.

Vasquez’s laughter was contagious and spread to the contestants and the audience.

At the end of the first round, the audience yelled, “Pick No. 3, my lord!” They referred to the movie “Shrek” when Lord Farquaad participated in a version of “The Dating Game.”

So Vasquez picked contestant No. 3, but first he got to meet numbers 1 and 2.

After they laughed and hugged, Vasquez met the third contestant.

Again, she and Vasquez laughed and hugged, but they are not planning to go on a date.

Liberal arts sophomore Hope Raposo was not the winner of the first round, but said, “I did have fun. It was quite a laughable experience. I enjoyed being able to participate the most.”

Raposo said she was “quite nervous” during the game.

“Probably the only thing keeping me from being more nervous was just the knowledge that it was a joke, but I’m sure next time I participate, I’ll be better prepared,” Raposo said.

During the second round, nursing freshman Miranda Valderas asked three male contestants, “If I was trapped on an island, how would you save me?”

The first contestant responded with building a raft.

The second contestant responded with using a helicopter and taking her to a romantic destination.

The third contestant, biology freshman Donovan Guzman, said, “Forget the helicopter. I’ll use a private jet and take her anywhere she wants to go.”

The audience was asked to vote for whom they liked best. Guzman received the loudest cheer and was picked by Valderas as the winner.

In round three, a bachelorette chose between two male contestants and one female contestant.

The bachelorette asked contestants to describe the person next to them.

Business administration sophomore Nicholas Delaunay was described as having a Broadway personality.

The winner of the final round was the female contestant. She and the bachelorette — who are friends — ran to each other and hugged.

Delaunay was not the winner but enjoyed the experience nonetheless.

“I had so much fun. It was fun seeing the campus community together and having a good time,” Delaunay said.

“Seeing the SAC community come out and have a good time makes the college campus experience so much better,” Delaunay said.

The Black History Month Committee sponsored this year’s “Dating Game.”

Black History Month activities continue through February at this college. The next event is the fifth annual African Festival 11 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Thursday in the cafeteria of Loftin. The festival will include drum and dance performances and African food.



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