Answer questions about firing

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The basketball coach was a positive role model for his players.

This college lost a basketball coach who had a positive impact on the team over a “professional and confidential matter.”

Louis Martinez had coached the Rangers since 2014, and was able to raise the stats, morale and success of the men’s team.

Martinez helped players improve their grades as well as their ranking.

Despite the positivity Martinez brought to the team, Mark Bigelow, student life interim director, pulled Martinez aside during practice Feb. 3 and fired him effective immediately.

What could have Martinez done to get fired? Bigelow has not revealed why Martinez was let go, but it better be a good reason to let go of a talented coach in the middle of a successful season.

Ken Morris, a student development adjunct at Northeast Lakeview College, was hired to fill the position as interim coach.

Northeast Lakeview happens to be a school the Rangers compete against, which could pose a conflict of interest.

When this college hires a permanent coach, we would like to see someone just as qualified, impactful and successful as Martinez.

Martinez cannot be easily replaced, but the least this college owes the team is an explanation.

Until one is presented, Martinez’s legacy is safe.


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