Rethink spending priorities

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Millions being spent on fancy offices, not on students.

Interesting how the Alamo Colleges is willing to spend $55 million on a new district support office when campus walkways are falling apart and sinks are leaking in campus buildings.

Tobin Lofts is approximately twice the size of this future district office. How is it possible that the cost of the Lofts came out to be a third of the price?

Residential space is usually more expensive because of the tremendous addition of kitchens and bathrooms.

The district’s focus was supposed to be on student success, not administrative satisfaction.

If the option to renovate current district offices and sell the Playland Park property would have been cheaper, why didn’t they do it?

Also, notice how all of the renovations and construction areas at this college have been mostly administrative buildings and offices.

Fletcher has had three renovations in the past decade.

Why spend money fixing a leaky sink in McAllister, a building that is commonly visited by the community, when a simple bucket could hold off the problem and money instead can be spent on luxurious furniture and light fixtures for a brand new president’s office and district buildings that most students will never lay eyes on.

We should really think about how we are spending  money as a district.


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