First college council meeting of the semester

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Said Fariabi, chair of math, physics, architecture and engineering expresses his concerns about the college policy regarding the office hours of faculty and staff Feb. 14 in Room 120 of the visual arts center. Photo by Noah Acevedo

The council discusses faculty surveys and adjunct award nominations.

By Michelle Delgado

College Council met for the first time this semester Feb. 14 for announcements and to discuss the status of college committees.

President Robert Vela welcomed Janae Johnson, this college’s first coordinator of risk management to the members of college council.

“She’s got a wealth of knowledge around risk management,” Vela said.

Faculty Senate President Tiffany Cox Hernandez announced that the senate will be sending out a survey to all faculty shortly.

“We’ve created a survey to reach out to faculty and see where we are on a couple of issues, including job satisfaction, the effectiveness of senate representation, how faculty distribute their work across the week, the effect of our new PGR strategies on retention in the classroom and faculty working along the new four-day week,” Hernandez said.

When the results are received and analyzed, the information will go to the administration and then back out to the faculty.

Hernandez encouraged department chairs to encourage their faculty to complete the survey.

“The more information we have, the more robust the results will be,” she said.

Hernandez also encouraged College Council members to “start planting some seeds” about running for senate next year.

A new election for nine senate seats will be held around April, she said.

Adjunct Faculty Council President Amanda Martin announced the nominations for the Adjuncts Creating Excellence awards.

This is the third consecutive year that the ACE awards will be presented; the nomination period is open now through March 10.

Copies of the nomination packets have been sent to the department chairs, Martin said.

Martin recommended faculty nominate a “particular adjunct who is deserving of the award.”

Martin also shared the results of the adjunct communication survey from last semester.

Some of the council members disagreed with the fact that the survey was only out for a week and only 30 out of 500 adjuncts participated.

“You need to give us more time to really push this,” fine arts Chair Jeff Hunt said.

Many of the council members suggested the survey be re-launched for a longer period of time to allow more results to pour in for a more robust outcome.

“We want to capture everything to be sure that it is comprehensive use,” Vela said

Martin said she plans on re-working the survey and sending it out again.

Another topic discussed was the college policy for the office hours of full-time faculty.

The policy says that all full-time faculty members are required to maintain regular office hours during the 8 a.m.-5 p.m. time frame; a minimum of 10 office hours is required each week per 15-hour workload during an academic semester.

In addition, faculty are required to serve an additional 15 hours for college service.

Said Fariabi, chair of math, physics, architecture and English was concerned about the office hours, saying there are other factors such as prepping for new material and serving outside of the campus that should count toward the 15 hours.

“As a chair, if I ask my faculty to serve in the community, they better serve. That’s my opinion,” Fariabi said. “If they don’t, then I’m not their chair and they’re not my faculty. We need to treat the faculty as a professional.”

Vela said the workload will depend on the departments and the kind of work that needs to be done.

“That’s the discretion between the chair and the faculty member,” Vela said. “All we are trying to do is put in a policy and a procedure.”


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