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Educating students on self-awareness

By Grace Reyes

The Muslim Student Association strives to educate other students about its culture by helping students get a better understanding of Islam and even exploring other religions.

“The point of MSA is to be more diverse within the college, but I thought it would be better to be more diverse in the group by going to different houses of worship, although it is not our own,” Zaniah Alshobber, mass communications sophomore and vice president of MSA said.

An MSA event, Sweep Out Hatred on Feb. 7, started as one small idea that became a weekly goal for self-awareness for students.

“I originally got the idea from a documentary that took place in Germany about the Neo-Nazi march that took place in the city,” Jason Fabianke, co-advisor of MSA said. “Rather than have the people who were against those ideas, the people let the Neo-Nazi do their march and then afterwards the people went around sweeping out hatred, sweeping out intolerance.”

Alshobber said, “Mostly, we decided to do it because of the seven-country ban and we wanted to support the families who have lost members from their family.”

With the seven-country ban for migration that the Trump administration has proposed up in the air, MSA comes together showing love and support to those families who are struggling.

“The students would like to have the college administration or the district acknowledge the importance of a student education,” Fabianke said.

“We’re trying to write a letter to the president of the college so she can show support to Muslim students from the seven-country ban,” Alshobber said.

“We are trying to work on something for the college; we want to try and have one or two slides on the school’s screens to show support for the Muslim families,” Saadia Abdi, public health sophomore and president of MSA, said.

Abdi and Alshobber came together to help spread awareness to the community about the seven-country ban and how important education is to students.

“We want people to know what Islam is from the Muslim’s point of view, not from the media’s outlet,” Alshobber said.

“By the time I leave, I want people to know about what we stand for,” Abdi said. “What we did to contribute to the college and to the students to make sure they are aware of what’s going on.”

MSA, open to all students, is an organization for anyone who wants to learn and spread self-awareness and cultural awareness.

“Some of them are born here, some are international students and some are students who are not Muslims at all and are just there to better educate themselves,” Fabianke said.

For more info about MSA, call Jason Fabianke 210-486-2119 or email

MSA have meetings every Thursday at noon in Room 200 at the Sutton Learning Center at St. Philip’s College.


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