Experts teach career skills in Moody

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Advisers are offering free career workshops throughout the semester.

By Ashley Bailey

Job seekers should always do their research before applying for a job, two campus experts said Feb. 15 in Room 707Q of Moody Learning Center.

Certified advisers Phillip Casarez and Bonnie Clauss discussed effective interviewing and résumé writing tips at a career workshop.

The workshop had seven attendees, all of whom were faculty members.

“The best tip is to be honest in your résumé and interview,” Casarez said.

“An interview is basically a conversation between the applicant and employer to see if they’re a good fit and can do the job.”

Casarez said following companies on Linkedin and other social media platforms can help applicants better understand the job description before going into the interview.

“The Bureau of Statistics is another good resource for people looking for a job because it provides salary information and future job projection.”

Casarez said it is important to ask for a reasonable salary, otherwise hiring managers won’t take an applicant seriously.

“Asking for too much money will get your application thrown out.”

Casarez also shared tips on how to make social media accounts ‘work-friendly’ to ensure potential employers won’t get the wrong impression of an applicant.

“A lot of employers are Googling their applicants in this day and age.”

“Studies have shown that more than 60 percent of employers turn to social media when considering job applicants,” Casarez said. “You should never post anything you wouldn’t want an employer to see.”
“Everyone should have a professional email address without the use of underscores or similar looking letters like capital I and a lowercase L, which can be confusing. This makes it easier for employers to contact you. “

Casarez provided more tips such as always be on time and never wear too much cologne.

“You don’t want your employer remembering you as the guy who wore too much cologne.”

For information on upcoming career workshops, visit the Transfer and Career Center on the first floor of Moody Learning Center or call 210-486-1500 to speak to an adviser.


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