NLC screens classic movie tonight

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‘Auntie Mame’ is one of two films in the Eric Reno Cinema Series.

By Solomon A. Wilson

Northeast Lakeview College will host the second half of the 2016-2017 Eric Reno Cinema Series, which showcases classic films for students and families on campus.

“Auntie Mame” will screen at 6:30 p.m. today in the Performance Arts Center and includes an “informal discussion with a cross-section of our communities following the viewing,” according to the flier.

The 1958 comedy stars Rosalind Russell and showcases the struggle of the Great Depression and the dynamic of poverty levels during that time while tying in love, laughs and drama.

The movie involves a young man who is placed with his eclectic aunt then taken away due to unfit care, only for him to go off to private school where his aunt fears he will turn into the dull John Doe that she never wanted him to be.

“We usually get suggestions from the faculty and students,” said Thomas Raymond, senior multimedia specialist, in describing how they choose a film.

The series is named for Reno, Northeast Lakeview’s first president, who retired in 2014.

With a crowd ranging anywhere from 20 to 60 people, these classic movies are being shown on a big screen free of charge.

“The movies we choose are usually produced before 1969,” Raymond said.

The films are not only to entertain but to inform the audience about the historic past of film and remind them of hidden cinematic gems.

The next film to be shown is the 1959 classic “Pillow Talk” featuring four-time Golden Globe winner Rock Hudson, who stars with Doris Day, an equally iconic actress of her time.

The film will be shown at 6:30 p.m. April 4 in the same venue, and also includes a discussion following the film.

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