Project Access gives new opportunities to students with disabilities

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Students with disabilities want to be treated equally, and have the right to be.

Project Access is a program that is designed to teach students with intellectual disabilities skills that will help these students join the workforce after graduation.

The program is currently only at Palo Alto, but it is highly suggested other Alamo Colleges adopt the program.

Usually, higher education programs for students with disabilities only focus on improving social skills.

What sets Project Access apart from other programs is that the program offers courses that will earn students with disabilities a Level 1 certificate as well as skills to acquire a job.

This gives people with disabilities an equal chance of becoming a successful working citizen just like everyone else.

Students with disabilities enrolled in college are college students and want to be treated as such.

The materials covered in the courses are not any different than the materials in regular courses, but the formats of the courses are changed to better suit the students.

By not changing the actual materials, this gives students with disabilities an opportunity to be treated fairly and equally compared to their peers.

These students have the same right to participate in college and the workforce as anyone else does.

This is a great opportunity for students with disabilities and an excellent expansion of student success at Palo Alto College.

We hope to see the program expand to the rest of the Alamo Colleges.


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