Board votes for new tuition schedule

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A $1 international education fee was added to tuition.

By Zachary-Taylor Wright

The board of trustees approved a revised tuition schedule for fiscal year 2018 at the board meeting March 21 at Killen Center.

The tuition schedule raises the term cost for nursing students at this college and St. Philip’s College, lowers out-of-district tuition, mentions the introduction of transcript sets and introduces a $1 per semester credit hour international education fee.

The revised tuition schedule raises the cost per term for students in the registered nursing program at this college and St. Philip’s College from $900 to $1,200.

At the March 7 Audit, Budget and Finance Committee meeting, Diane Snyder, associate vice chancellor of finance and administration, said the registered nursing program had not seen a tuition adjustment in nine years.

At the meeting, Snyder suggested the cost per term of the pre-nursing and licensed vocational nursing program at St. Philip’s College would need adjusting, as it had not been adjusted in seven years.

The newly approved tuition schedule increases the cost per term of the pre-nursing and LVN program at St. Philip’s College from $700 to $1,000.

The new tuition schedule decreased out-of-district tuition from $233 per semester credit hour to $202 per semester credit hour.

The revised and approved tuition schedule clarified that the first set of transcripts students receive are free.

According to The Ranger, the district center for student information began issuing a set of transcripts Feb. 3 for each Alamo College a student attended; after the first set, students will be charged $10 for each set.

The tuition schedule also includes the addition of the new $1 international education fee per semester charged to all students.

The board approved the international education fee, which was established to fund scholarships for students to study abroad, Dec. 13.

At the meeting, Chancellor Bruce Leslie said the student government associations at the colleges had voted down the proposed fee, but this policy didn’t require a student vote and could pass solely with board approval.

Carol Fimmen, director of international programs, said students will not be charged the $1 fee for each college they register at, saying students only receive one bill regardless of how many colleges they attend.


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