Letter: Great wall of propaganda

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The article “Building border pre-dates Trump,” published on Feb. 20, sheds light that building a border wall is nothing new. While this is true, why is the project unfinished?

Politicians would rather talk about building a wall than build one.

It’s a hot topic that stirs all types of negative emotions among voters toward immigrants from Mexico and Central America. These emotions resonate with jilted American voters who feel immigrants are taking their jobs away.

Instead of blaming the corporations who choose to outsource or hire cheap labor, they would rather accuse immigrants.

The article states that the plan to reinforce the wall goes back more than 100 years. The main detractor is the price of the border wall project, which is an estimated $40 billion.

President Trump said he will revoke foreign aid to Mexico. This will only heighten tension between the countries.

Some politicians argue drug trafficking is the main issue for securing our borders.

However, if our country didn’t have such a high demand for narcotics, drug trafficking wouldn’t thrive. We as Americans must assume some of the blame.

While no one can deny securing our border is important, we must come up with a logical alternative to fix the issue along with our borders.

Using Mexico as a scapegoat is not the answer. Both countries must come together and figure out an alternative plan that benefits both of us.

Daniel Chevez

RTVB Freshman


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