Put an end to the gender gap

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The lack of female professors in STEM fields at this college impacts everyone.

This college needs to do more to actively recruit women into its science, technology, engineering and math programs, both as students and professors.

Employment statistics in the engineering program show engineering courses are taught by one full-time professor and two adjuncts—all male.

These statistics leave our female students in STEM fields lacking relatable instructors, and our male students lacking their valuable perspectives.

It’s important to expose students to a diverse set of perspectives from professors with vastly different life experiences, especially in fields requiring creative problem-solving.

If this college is serious about providing a well-rounded education to its students, its faculty needs to reflect that.

Long before they enter college, young girls need relatable role models to inspire them to explore their options, including those in STEM fields.

Where this college and the workforce as a whole fail in that regard, our students are picking up the slack.

This college’s chapter of the Society of Women Engineers has a large group of both women and men working to not only support one another, but also introduce young girls around the city and state to STEM.

These students should be lauded for their efforts in combating gender expectations in a male-dominated field.

The college could learn a lot from its students. Show the next generation of young women that not only do they have a wide range of options for their careers, but that they can feel included and important in those careers.

Bring women in. Show them they’re valued.


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