Moody improvements completed in April

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Wheelchairs and high heels better mobility on stamped concrete walkways.

By Jakoby West

Construction around Moody Learning Center was completed this month, Dr. Stella Lovato, vice president of student services, said in an interview April 5.

Work that has been completed includes replacing brick walkways with stamped concrete, adding a ramp to the first floor on the east side, adding a covered canopy leading toward the entrance and work under the building.

Although the stamped concrete around Moody is complete, the rest of the campus is soon to follow as the changing from brick to stamped concrete is part of a campuswide project, Janae Johnson, coordinator of risk management, wrote in an email after an in-person interview.

Work most recently completed includes masonry on steps located on the west side of the building as well as landscaping, Johnson wrote.

With the project completed, Lovato said improvements on campus are an ongoing project and touch-ups are being added to the finished construction.

The construction around the building was part of a single construction package and was done in response to making the campus more compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Vanessa Torres, director of public relations, said in an interview Feb. 17.

The company in change of construction was Crownhill Construction and the cost of this project was $1,962,000.

Business management sophomore Adam Sturgill, who uses a wheelchair, said that when the construction was just getting started, he had a difficult time getting to the VIA bus transit, known as VIAtrans, on the east side of Moody.

This is his main source of transportation to this campus.

Before some of the construction was finished, Sturgill said in an interview on March 8 he had to go around Moody Learning Center entirely and get to the transit through Fletcher Administration Center.

With the construction nearing completion, he has an easier time getting to the bus.

Sturgill also said that the stamped concrete walkways are much smoother and easy to maneuver on than the old brick ones.

Getting down to the disability support services office of the first floor of Moody has been made easier by the construction of a ramp, which helped to alleviate some complaints from students about accessibility in Moody.

Delia De Luna, senior generalist of student success and full-time employee of disability support services for 18 years, said that some students have also voiced their displeasure about the old walkways and believes that the new walkways will improve accessibility and mobility for all students on campus

Lovato, one of the main overseers of this project, also found benefits to the stamped concrete, even for students without disabilities.

“As a female wearing heels, I will tell you that our heels don’t get stuck anymore,” Lovato said in an interview Feb. 17.

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