Theft and burglary incidents spike

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12 thefts and eight burglaries were reported to Alamo Police Department in the last three months.

By J. Del Valle

Crimes reported to Alamo Colleges Police Department for this college and Tobin Lofts in the past three months totaled at 12 thefts and eight burglaries.

Crime spiked this month; March alone has four thefts and one burglary reported within a 15-day period.

Those crimes range from burglary of vehicles and Tobin residences. Theft took place on this campus in several buildings.

The first incident reported was a burglary of Longwith Radio, Television and Film building; seven doors were pried open March 1. Housekeeping alerted police who found four offices were burglarized. A college-issued Macbook and cash were stolen along with a purchasing card issued by the district.

That same day a theft occurred within a vehicle in Lot 23 on Howard Street between the nursing complex and Tobin Lofts parking garage.

On March 16 in Lot 24, a vehicle theft was reported, and March 26 a vehicle theft was reported in Lot 23.

“Don’t leave anything visible and valuable at all inside your vehicles,” Deputy Chief Joe Pabon said. “Criminals who see anything valuable in your vehicle, they will break into your vehicle to get it.”

Libel arts sophomore Joshua Fraser stated, “I park either in Tobin Lofts garage or around that area. My vehicle hasn’t been burglarized, but I always make sure to lock all my doors and don’t leave valuables visible in my car.”

This college’s buildings have been a main target, especially faculty offices. Two incidents were reported to the Alamo Colleges police department six days apart.

On March 10 on the third floor of Oppenheimer Academic Center, a faculty office was broken into.

A faculty office in Moody Learning Center was broken into March 16.

Both of these incidents are still under investigation.

“Offices should always be locked when unattended,” said Christopher Fairbank, crime prevention officer for Alamo Colleges police, “as well keep desk drawers locked and don’t tell anyone where the key is or leave it out for people to see.”

Ways to prevent vehicle burglaries

  1. Keep track of keys
  2. Install alarm
  3. Place valuables in trunk or out-of-sight
  4. Use a physical anti-theft device, such as a Club
  5. Lock all doors
  6. Park in well-lit areas

Vehicle security under $50

  1. InstallGear car alarm system/$30 on Amazon
  2. The Club/$20 on Amazon
  3. Car window blinds/$11 on Amazon

You can like the Alamo Colleges police department page on Facebook to stay informed and get weekly and daily updates on all five Alamo Colleges.

For police non-emergency calls, dial 210-485-0099; 210 485-0911 for emergencies; and the 24-hour dispatch at 210-485-0099.


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