More fun, less rush

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Encourage experience over fast degrees.

There is a whole facility dedicated to transferring students out of here, and that sparks concern.

This college’s transfer and career center is great when it comes to students who wish to rush through college.

However, most people who enter college are straight out of high school and more than likely do not have their whole life planned in regard to their career choices.

Whatever happened to college being one vast experience where you are encouraged to take as many classes as you can in your interests, such as painting or kinesiology?

Now it seems the college just wants students to come in and out of college with a degree in hand.

The second you start enrollment is the minute a student is encouraged to think about where to transfer.

It seems the most common question asked by a professor or adviser is “when are you graduating,” then “where are you transferring?”

This could be a tough question for some students to answer if they are not sure what they want as a career.

Why not ask students what their dreams in life are or what they’re passionate about?

Not only does the college want students to run out with a degree, but also it’s recommended that they transfer, hence the TRAC Center on the first floor of Moody Learning Center.

Whatever can be done to bring those graduation and transfer numbers up is what will be done.

We should focus on encouraging students to be self-expressive and to take as many “fun” classes as their hearts desire, not for credit hours or a degree, but for the experience.


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