Student club promotes social justice

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Social Justice League seeks volunteers for Puppy Day April 17.


By Ashley Bailey

A student club that celebrates human rights and equality has formed this semester.

Student Success Coordinator Joseph Liedecke founded the Social Justice League as a way for students to speak up about social injustice on campus and elsewhere.

“In order for something to change you have to act, reflect and transform,” Liedecke said.
“The reason a lot of issues don’t get fixed is because no one is acting on it.”

Examples of social injustice include discrimination or profiling based on race, gender or sexual orientation.

“Acting on social injustice can prevent a human tragedy from unfolding,” Liedecke said.

“Don’t stand by and watch social injustice happen because one day it may happen to you,” Liedecke said at the league’s March 1 meeting.

Liedecke and Bianca Sapet, civic engagement program coordinator, hold meetings of the Social Justice League at noon Wednesdays in Room 150 of Loftin Student Center, the old health promotions office. Meetings include free snacks.

The league discussed volunteer opportunities at its meeting March 1.

Phi Theta Kappa sophomore Zaneta Edwards attended the meeting and exhibited passion for the league’s volunteerism.

“There are a lot of opportunities for students who are at the sophomore level who are looking for volunteer opportunities to fulfill their requirement for their degree plan,” Edwards said.

“Not only are we helping ourselves, we’re helping other people.”

Since the first meeting of the semester, the number of attendees has doubled.

The league invites anyone to join who wants to improve the community and promote social justice.

The league is looking for volunteers for Puppy Day 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Monday in the mall. The event, hosted by the center for civic engagement office and the campus activities board, celebrates Earth Week and gives students a chance to spend time with puppies.

San Antonio Pets Alive will be there with a mobile kennel for pets to be fostered or adopted.

“We did a drive for SA Pets Alive last year for pet supplies so we have a close relationship with them,” Sapet said. “What’s really cool about SA Pets Alive is that they basically rescue pets from being killed at the shelter.”

At a recent volunteer fair hosted by the league, more than 20 nonprofit organizations such as Haven for Hope, Big Brothers Big Sisters and nursing homes were scheduled to attend the fair to showcase volunteer opportunities to students.

“This gives students an opportunity to check out where they want to volunteer, which usually turn into a job,” Liedecke said at the meeting March 1.

For more information, email Sapet at or visit the center of civic engagement in the community engagement building, 309 W. Dewey Place, next to the Methodist Student Center.


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