Hire more full-time professors

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I found your article “Poor grade rates can hurt teachers” by Emily Garcia published April 10 interesting.

I found this article interesting because I am getting ready to graduate from SAC in May with honors.

It has not been an easy road to keep a high GPA. I have found that the majority of my professors have been adjunct professors.

This is a problem, Alamo Colleges. These professors only get paid for their time in the classroom.

These professors do not want to work for free so they are taking shortcuts. Due to the time restraints, professors just use the PowerPoints given to them by the publisher of the book.

In turn, all they really do is summarize the chapters. When it comes to writing papers, or taking a test, it is hard to know what to study for.

The professors should get paid for their time in class and should be paid for their work done outside of the classroom.

It takes many hours to grade papers, prepare for class and to reply to emails and questions for students.

You can put the blame on the student and the professors, but the true problem is that Alamo Colleges do not want to hire full-time employees.

If the Alamo Colleges hired more full-time professors, you would see an increase in higher grades, better rating on the professors and an overall higher graduation rate.

Leslie Ellis

Liberal Arts Sophomore


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