Longoria seeks top position in SGA

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Business administration sophomore Quintin Longoria speaks to students at the Student Government Association forum April 24 in Loftin. Longoria was the vice president for the prior term and is currently running for president of SGA.
Photo by Renee Talamantes

Candidate believes students are well-represented.

By Maria Gardner


Candidate for president: Quintin Longoria, business administration sophomore

Hometown: San Antonio

Professional goal: state legislator

Student organizations: Student Government Association, Gaming Society, Catholic Student Association

Favorite movie seen recently: “Star Wars: Rogue One”

Favorite food in Loftin cafeteria: sushi and fried rice

  • What are your reasons for running?

I feel my personality is an executive type. I like to be the person who morally engages the team and inspires empowerment of people. My current position as vice president has given me so much experience that I think I am now ready.

  • What are challenges students face to meet their academic goals like graduating or transferring to a four-year institution?

I came into college straight from high school, and the transition in itself is kind of difficult. I think a lot of new students are struggling to adjust to college life. They have to balance between work, family and friends, school, and all of the other responsibilities. If they are having a hard time adapting, it’s going to affect their grades.

  • What motivated you to run for student government?

My first year I tried to balance a full-time job with full-time school, and I became president of the Gaming Society. While I felt a lot of stress, pain and failure, I learned so much from it. The SGA kind of noticed me. I’m Catholic. I thought, “I keep saying no, but maybe God has a plan for me.” Receiving acknowledgement and feedback helped me to decide.

  • Why do you think you are the best candidate?

I know exactly what the job entails. Being the most experienced one, I think I can serve that role very well.

  • Do you think the administration takes into account students when making decisions?

I really do believe that the students’ voice is well-represented from SGA to the administration. At SGA, we have an open-door policy for any student who wants to voice any concerns, questions or suggestions. We report every concern no matter how foolish or silly it is.

  • What are the top three priority items that you would work toward to improve this college?
  • Work on our relationship with students. Lot of candidates say we need more visibility. I say relationships. I proposed we put together an event that engages students with SGA on a friendly, nonprofessional basis. This semester we scheduled a Field Day. The conclusion is it was a success; this is something we should continue with next year.
  • Scheduling meetings with the Alamo college district board, similar to Pizza with the President. The students will have more trust in district officials if they are not just mysterious faces in the offices downtown.

Scheduling meetings with the deans.


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