Meyer wants students to be informed

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Psychology sophomore Amber Meyer speaks to students at the Student Government Association forum April 24 in Loftin. Meyer is currently running for vice president of SGA.
Photo by Renee Talamantes

Psychology Club officer seeks SGA vice president position.

By Maria Gardner

Candidate for vice president: Amber Meyer, psychology sophomore

Hometown: Norwalk, Connecticut

Professional goal: clinical psychologist

Student organizations: Hogwarts Club, Social Work Club, Psychology Club

Favorite movie seen recently: “20th Century Women”

Favorite food in Loftin Cafeteria: cheese pizza with lots of Parmesan cheese

  • What are your reasons for running?

I have a lot of good ideas and goals that I will bring to SGA, the students and the school itself. I’m currently vice president of Psychology Club. I’d like to take what I’ve learned as vice president of the Psychology Club to SGA.

  • What are challenges students face to meet their academic goals like graduating or transferring to a four-year institution?

We don’t always tell students what they should know. A lot of students were in the dark including myself about the tuition raised. I had no idea what was going on with that. I think with certain topics, especially around tuition, we need to tell students exactly what’s going. We need to encourage students to sit down with their advisers. A lot of students their first year, they push themselves, taking four to five classes, working full time, and it has not ended up well for them. They don’t know what SAC has to offer. In the admission and records office, they are told five different things, and students go from building to building, not getting where they need to be. I’ve had that experience and it was extremely frustrating. Students may not get the information until it was too late.

  • Why do you think you are the best candidate?

I’m very hard-working and dedicated. I always put the students’ interest first. Some students are not even aware that we have a student government. I’d like people to get to know the student government. We are here to help them. I am available to help them as much as possible.

  • Do you think the administration takes into account students when making decisions?

Administration is constantly working hard to make improvements for students. Currently, they are working on fixing the Loftin. A lot of students have been complaining about the odor in the Loftin with the sewer. The administration told us they are definitely working on it. Students have complained about the furniture. There has been a problem with some of the elevators. Accessibility for people with disabilities has been a huge issue.

  • What are the top three priority items that you would work toward to improve this college?
  • Bring awareness to the number of clubs and activities on campus. Some clubs have disbanded because they don’t have the funding, the members, the support to be a functioning club.
  • Facilitate more collaboration with the different clubs.

Lowering tuition.


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