Salwey seeks student success

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Business sophomore Kayla Salwey speaks to students at the Student Government Association forum April 24 in Loftin. Salwey is currently running for president of SGA. Photo by Renee Talamantes

Veteran wants better communication for organizations.

By Maria Gardner

Candidate: Kayla Lynn Salwey, business sophomore

Hometown: Minot, N.D.

Professional goal: event planner

Student organizations: Campus Activities Board, Student Veterans Association, National Society of Student Leadership and Success

Favorite movie seen recently: “Zootopia,” “Moana”

Favorite food in Loftin cafeteria: Chinese food

  • What are your reasons for running?

The student body needs better representation. We need a better system put in place for students to know what’s going on a day-to-day basis. I want to unify the organizations on campus. Also, I want to push more for academic success.

  • What are challenges students face to meet their academic goals like graduating or transferring to a four-year institution?

Students fall through the cracks. From Day 1, students are not giving the proper resources. I think students need to know within their first semester or two what college they are transferring to, so they can be aligned with a degree plan they need. 

  • What motivated you to run for student government?

Students that didn’t make it motivate me. They put all of their time and effort in going to school and they got frustrated and left. I understand that feeling. I don’t want people to give up because they aren’t getting the resources they need. I want to be a very hands-on president.

  • Why do you think you are the best candidate?

I want success for everyone. I won’t stop till I find that success for the students of SAC.  I’m SAC proud; I love SAC. I’m that person that cares.

  • Do you think the administration takes into account students when making decisions?

I think they definitely try. They aren’t missing the target, but we can get a closer bull’s-eye than we are right now. For instance Canvas, with me campaigning right now, everybody keeps coming up to me saying, “Something needs to happen with Canvas. It’s so cluttered. What the heck is GPS?”

  • What are the top three priority items that you would want to work toward making better on campus?
  • Academic success from Day 1. I want students to know what classes they are going to be in, where they are going to transfer and have that degree plan. I don’t want them to waste their time and money on extra classes.
  • Better communication around events happening on campus. If it means morning announcements, all the instructors would let us know and encourage us to support the campus.

• Safety — I want to make sure that instructors know what zone (for safety alerts) they are in. What if there is a school shooter?


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