Scoggins seeks vice president position

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Business administration sophomore Christopher Socggins speaks to students at the Student Government Association forum April 24 in Loftin. Socggins is currently running for vice president of SGA. Photo by Renee Talamantes

SGA treasurer wants to encourage political participation.

By Maria Gardner

Candidate for vice president: Christopher Scoggins, business administration sophomore  

Hometown: San Antonio

Professional goal: business

Student organizations: Psychology Club, Gaming Society

Favorite movie seen recently: “Double Indemnity”

Favorite food in Loftin cafeteria: grilled cheese

  • What are your reasons for running?

In the past year, I have served as treasurer for SGA. I functioned in many auxiliary roles that were not too dissimilar from the position of vice president. The position need to be filled by someone with experience and capable, and I am certainly those things. 

  • What are challenges students face to meet their academic goals like graduating or transferring to a four-year institution?

That can vary from student to student. A national statistic says 90 percent of students who fall below the poverty line do not graduate. That’s something we can work on here. We’ve been making great strides with helping students with the addition of the student advocacy center. We have to make sure the center is visible, useful and readily available. We have to make sure they have the resources they need to be successful. 

Young people’s participation in the political process is at a record low. I want to make it convenient and easy for students to interact with the political process here on campus. I want to especially engage women and minorities in the process.

  • Why do you think you are the best candidate?

I feel I am best suited to representing students because I’ve done it. Experience is my biggest leg over my competition.

  • Do you think the administration takes into account students when making decisions?

I feel we have a very good relationship with the college administration. Dr. Vela (President Robert Vela) has been forthcoming with information whenever we meet with him. I really want to let students feel that through more direct interaction. For example, we have the Pizza with the President every semester. I’m thoroughly pleased that we do that. I want to see more events like that held perhaps something with the deans, with the department chairs that puts them in direct conversation with students.

  • What are the top three priority items that you would work toward to improve this college?
  • Increase political involvement on campus
  • Increase disability access. This is something we have brought up with the administration and constantly remind them about. It’s not getting much better. They are trying but it’s not enough.

Increase visibility of resources on campus. We have a lot of institutions on campus that are really good toward combatting poverty. We have to make sure students who fall behind the poverty line know they have those resources.


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