Vela wants to bring students together

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Political science freshman David Anthony Vela speaks to students at the Student Government Association forum April 24 in Loftin. Vela is currently running for president of SGA.
Photo by Renee Talamantes

Candidate believes organizations can work together to improve campus life.

By Maria Gardner

Candidate for president: David Vela, economics and political science freshman

Hometown: Laredo

Professional goal: politician, train engineer

Student organizations: Student Government Association

Favorite movie seen recently: “The Jungle Book”

Favorite food in Loftin Cafeteria: pepperoni pizza

  • What are your reasons for running?

I want to make a difference for the students. I’ve noticed students go to class, sit down for their lecture and leave. If students have an extra 30 minutes out of their day, they can join a club to make a quick friend — somebody you might get to know for the rest of the semester or have for the rest of your life.

  • What are challenges students face to meet their academic goals like graduating or transferring to a four-year institution?

Time, money, and everyday life outside of school. I understand what’s it like to go through money struggles, especially trying to go through school. Like other students that have family and work full time, I understand the whole situation. Some days you might wake up and you have a flat tire. Some days you might wake up and the light might be turned off. When it comes to these obstacles, they can always come here because this is their safe place.

  • What motivated you to run for student government?

Seeing students just up and go. This is a place of learning. Some of us have been robbed, gone to jail, have such bad credit that banks won’t event take our cash. We can learn from each other; we can always help one another. We are not really promoting events at school. If we are, they are either being promoted too late, not being promoted enough, or they may not even be promoted at all. I want to see students walk around, shake each other’s hands, give hugs, just talk about their classes and every day life.

  • Why do you think you are the best candidate?

I can do my very best. I know that I can at least bring a little bit of change. I would be willing to be there in the front lines if something bad happens or something good happens without a doubt.

  • Do you think the administration takes into account students when making decisions?

Absolutely, when administration does make decisions they do take students consideration in a lot of different things. They try to meet in the middle as best as possible. 

  • What are the top three priority items that you would work toward to improve this college?
  • Getting the SGA staff a lot closer and on the same page.
  • More organizations working closer with SGA to make a better school.

Improve cooperation between SGA and staff.


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