SDC votes new chairmen, secretary

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President of Northeast Lakeview’s SGA and current chairmen of SDC, Richard Wells, watches SGA senator of public relations, Carlo Garcia, of Northwest Vista accept his nomination as secretary of Student District Council April 21 at Killeen Center. Garcia was nominated by SGA Vice President Daniel Guarnero of Palo Alto. Four of the delegates voted in favor and one abstained. Photo by Rachel Cooper

The council went over college report and amendments.

By Rachel Cooper

Student District Council met April 21 to share college reports from each campus and vote on amendments and new officers.

The SGA treasurer at this college, Christopher Scoggins, nominated SGA Vice president of this college Quintin Longoria as chairperson of the SDC.

Longoria accepted the nomination and said he wants SDC to guide students across the Alamo Colleges.

Student Government Association vice president at this college, Quintin Longoria, accepts his nomination April 21 at Killen Center as chairmen of SDC for the up coming 2017-2018 school year. Longoria was nominated by SGA treasurer at this college, Christopher Scoggins. Four out of five delegates voted in favor while one abstained. Photo by Rachel Cooper

Longoria said it is his passion to work with everyone and “guide people from Point A to Point B and strive for excellence.”

“I really want to mediate and facilitate these meetings to help you guys achieve what you want to achieve,” he said.

Four out of five SGA delegates voted in favor, but SGA senator Keith Osborn of Northeast Lakeview abstained.

SGA Vice President Daniel Guarnero of Palo Alto nominated SGA senator of public relations, Carlo Garcia of Northwest Vista, as secretary of the SDC.

Garcia accepted the nomination.

Garcia said he is a full-time student whose priorities are SGA and SDC.

Rodell Asher, coordinator of the Student Leadership Institute and SDC liaison, asked Garcia how he would work with the liaison “to ensure that things move forward here.”

Garcia responded he would hold monthly meetings with the SDC liaison to ensure they’re working efficiently.

He also said he would email the delegates from SDC to each respective SGA to make sure everyone is getting the information and is not “out of the loop,” Garcia said.

SGA President Kytheranialynn Fambrough-Brown of Palo Alto, asked if Garcia has been in any leadership programs and how he has gained leadership skills.

Alicia Moreno, new student trustee, sits in on her first Student District Council meeting April 21 at Killen Center. SDC shared a report from each college and voted on ammendments to the constitution. They also voted in their new Chairmen and secretary. Photo by Rachel Cooper

“When I started here at Northwest Vista, I joined almost every association and organization that I was able to and started out with general member roles and positions, and then from that point on, getting to know people in higher positions,” Garcia said.

Then he decided if he wanted to move up in the organization.

Four out of five SGA delegates voted yes and Osborn abstained.

The council shared the events that are happening on each of their campuses.

Northeast Lakeview’s SGA elections will take place in fall, President of Northeast Lakeview’s SDC and chairmen of SDC, Richard Wells said.

“We have decided to abide by our current constitution and have elections in the fall,” Wells said.

Wells said NLC’s SGA didn’t have much time to prepare and he hopes future elections can be held in spring.

Garcia said NVC has been talking about a non-discriminatory transgender summit that will take place in 2018.

SGA officers at Northwest Vista will be announced the first week of May, he said.

All roles except one or two have been filled for SGA, Fambrough-Brown said.

This week their SGA will edit documents such as by-law’s, constitution and election guidelines.

Longoria said applications were handed in and they received three for president, two for vice president, one historian and one parliamentarian.

SGA from this college will team up with move San Antonio to run an event to promote early voting on the $430 MILLION bond to fund projects across the Alamo Colleges.

The event will be 12:30 p.m. May 1 in front of Loftin according to an event page “San Antonio College, Let’s Parade to the Polls!” hosted by MOVE San Antonio.

The Sinkin Eco Centro at 1802 N Main Ave is a voting location.

Early voting is now through May 2 and May 6 is the last day to vote.

SGA vice President Ravi Martinez of St. Philip’s said Culture Fest will take place April 27.

Every role for the next group of officers at SGA will be filled, “except right now, I’m not sure about the parliamentarian,” Martinez said.

Student Trustee Emmanuel Nyong brought up the e-portfolio for the Alamo Colleges website which they bought from a company called Digication.

“E-portfolio is a way for students to showcase their work,” Nyong said.

When a student leaves the Alamo Colleges, they can take the portfolio with them, he said.

New student trustee Alicia Moreno was introduced to SDC by Nyong.

The council voted on amendments to the constitution following “Robert’s rules of order.”

The constitution went into effect April 21 and can be found on SDC’s OrgSync site.

For more information, call this college’s SGA at 210-486-0133.


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