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Seven reported incidents of drunkenness as of April 20.

By J. Del Valle

With local bars and restaurants around this college that serve alcohol, drunkenness will occur occasionally.

The incidents that have been reported do happen after hours when this college is closed.

Four of the incidents reported for drunkenness are from Tobin Lofts or the Loft’s parking garage.

“When nobody can come to pick up an intoxicated person, we ask if they want to volunteer to detox and spend the night in what is called the “Intox Center.” It is located at 601 S. Frio Street,” said Alamo College’s Police Deputy Chief Joe Pabon. “They will get released once they are sober, in lieu of getting arrested.”

Or the officers try to get in contact with family or friends to pick up somebody who is intoxicated.

Alamo Colleges Police Department is made of Texas commissioned peace officers with and are licensed to make arrests if they see if somebody who doesn’t comply and has broken the law; the arrested party will get transferred to the magistrate’s office where they will get booked into the Bexar County Detention Center.

Pabon offered some tips to consider when out drinking.

  • Know your alcohol limitations.
  • Have a designated driver.
  • Don’t fall into peer pressure.
  • Go in pairs when drinking.
  • Call family or friends to pick you up when you cannot drive.

The San Antonio Police Officers Association website announced a pledge for this year’s Fiesta activities “#SafeFiesta” to encourage people to pledge and use the hash tag on photos and post on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Blood alcohol legal limit is 0.08 percent, but if it goes higher an individual is considered legally intoxicated or impaired.

SAPOA provided alternatives transportation to consider when out drinking.

  1. Assign a designated driver of the group.
  2. Call a relative or friend to pick you up.
  3. Purchase a pass for public transportation.
  4. Call a taxi.
  5. Utilize a rideshare service.


For police non-emergency calls, dial 210-485-0099; 210 485-0911 for emergencies; and the

24-hour dispatch at 210-485-0099


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