Board develops policy incentive

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Colleges that accommodate board charges may receive a financial incentive.

By Zachary-Taylor Wright

Item 9 of a 10-step institute action plan the board of trustees approved at the April 18 board meeting vaguely outlined an incentive plan encouraging the Alamo Colleges to meet goals set by the board.

Item 9 on the action plan states the “individual Alamo Colleges will be financially rewarded upon achievement of an annual board-determined priority target.”

The item also states the board will determine the funds set aside.

In an interview with The Ranger April 19, Leslie said Item 9 was vaguely written and would require further planning.

“That’s a new initiative, and it’s pretty vague right now,” Leslie said. “The board left it deliberately that way, the committee of the board that went to BOTI (Board of Trustees Institute), because they thought, ‘There’s some good ideas here. What can we do to give greater incentive for the colleges to achieve these outcomes that we’re looking for.’ So, they kind of left it for us to come back and consider what that might look like. So, it still has some development work ahead of it.”

In the interview, Leslie said Item 9 of the action plan is intended to incentivize the implementation of board policy and charges at the colleges.

“The thinking was that maybe we can put some resources in front of the colleges to say, ‘If you guys will put some more effort into this and we can get better outcomes from that, there would be a reward of some kind, probably money, not to an individual but to the college,’” Leslie said. “Then, the college would have the opportunity to invest it back into the programs. But, we haven’t gotten that far yet.”

District 9 trustee Jim Rindfuss suggested faculty should be incentivized to keep up with industry and technology advancements.

Rindfuss said faculty members at the colleges need to stay up to date with technology and business and questioned how those who are keeping up with current trends are managing to do so.

District 3 trustee Anna Bustamante said faculty is required by policy and administrators to attend faculty development throughout the year.

Dr. Adena Loston, president of St. Philip’s College, said her college is sending four faculty members to Kentucky to further their manufacturing training.

District 2 trustee McClendon said he holds the presidents responsible for ensuring the faculty is properly trained.

Leslie said administrators are developing programs to ensure faculty members keep up with industry and technology advancements.

However, Leslie said the idea of this incentive is to allow the board to create goals for the colleges to meet, using graduation numbers as an example.

In the interview, Leslie said the action plan reinforces board policy and charges the board made of the chancellor.

“All the things in there are really affirmations of what the board has already said, either in policy or in procedural direction,” Leslie said. “So, it’s very consistent with what the board has already been saying.”


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