Summer momentum plan gives eligible students free summer classes

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Maymester is excluded from the summer momentum plan this year.

By Grace Reyes

The Alamo Colleges is providing up to six free credit hours for summer classes to any student who has earned more than 18 credit hours in the fall and spring.

Students who have taken the 18+ credit hours and have grades of a “C” or better are eligible for three credit hours.

If a student has taken 24 credit hours or more, they are eligible for six credit hours.

“It’s really helpful. It makes me want to take the summer classes,” music sophomore Nicole Elefante said. “It’s a free opportunity, and it’d be a steal.”

Eligible students do not need to sign any paperwork.

The free credit hours will automatically apply by May 22.

“The system works like normal. There is no special programming for it,” said Diane Snyder, vice chancellor for finance and administration.

The summer momentum plan provides for the students who want to complete their degree with the help of a free class.

“As soon as all grades are turned in the Monday after final exams at midnight, they will run a program that will show us the students who are potentially eligible for the free enrollment,” said JoCarol Fabianke, vice chancellor of academic success for Alamo Colleges.

Maymester will not be included in the summer momentum plan because of restricted time.

“The timing was the problem. If Maymester began the Monday after finals, it will be hard to figure out who would be eligible and get it all worked out as classes are starting,” Fabianke said. “It was determined to minimalize any issues and exclude Maymester this year.”

The plan will only pay for tuition.

The plan will not cover additional fees and educational material.

“There are campus activity fees, student activity fees, which are based on the number of hours a student takes, and lab fees for biology or chemistry class,” said Joe Jacques, associate director student success.

All students are eligible, including non-resident, out-of-district and international students.

Some summer classes are four credit hours.

If a student is only eligible for the three credit hours, they can still take four credit hours and pay for one credit hour, Jacques said.

In-district students will pay $86 for the one credit hour, out-of-district will pay $233 and non-residents will pay $453, along with the student activity fees.

If a student has already paid for summer classes, they will get reimbursed.

Eligibility will be automatically determined after grades post May 19.

If eligible, the credits will apply by May 22.

Students need to check for this change before being dropped on May 28, which is the payment deadline.


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