Hogwarts Club holds lecture and discussion

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The seven-book print set of Harry Potter books autographed by author J.K. Rowling are seen at the National Braille Press in Boston, Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2007. Rowling rarely signs books, and the copies being auctioned, as part of the nonprofit’s annual fundraiser, by the Boston based press are the only known signed complete set in the U.S. AccuNet/AP

Students can play Quidditch on campus thank to the new student organization.

By Samantha L. Alonso


“If you haven’t noticed, this is a place for nerds,” Michelle Cantrell, vice president of the Hogwarts Club said at the club’s meeting April 3 in the community engagement annex between the Church of Christ and Methodist student centers on West Dewey Place.

The club for “Harry Potter” fans started this semester and had more than 50 students sign up for more information.

However, only 20 have attended the group’s Quidditch class and even fewer students have attended the organization’s classes and discussions.

The club hosts a 30-minute lecture that mimics a Hogwarts class at 1 p.m. every Monday in the community engagement annex.

The lecture is followed by a 30-minute Wizarding World Fan Club discussion where they discuss “Harry Potter” movies and books.

“It is a subject that a lot of people are interested in, so that’s why we thought, hey this is a great idea. We should try making this work,” said Cantrell.

Three students attended the April 3 class, which covered the difference between hexes, curses, spells and charms.

It also covered the pronunciation of words and spells from Harry Potter.

“This kind of lets people come together and get to know each other in a more diverse environment,” Cantrell said.

There are Hogwarts Club rules:

• Have fun.

• Be safe.

• Do not bring Ouija boards or tarot cards.

• Positive participation.

• Every club leader has the right to excuse someone from class.

• Harassment is not tolerated.

• No alcohol or recreational substances allowed.

The club also has a Quidditch class at 2 p.m. every Tuesday in portable C105 between the Church of Christ and Methodist student centers on West Dewy Place.

The club hopes to expand its Quidditch team and club. For more information on classes, email hogwartsunited990@gmail.com or visit www.sacwizardingworld.weebly.com.



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