Half job, big bonus

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Abnormally high salary is incentive enough.

Chancellor Bruce Leslie hasn’t done a particularly great job. Four of the five Alamo Colleges have repeatedly expressed their lack of faith in his leadership. 

Yet by some reasoning, the board has seen fit to give Leslie a $12,094 salary raise. They’ve also decided to sweeten the deal by offering him a $45,000 bonus.

So Leslie’s earnings for this year could increase by $57,094. What does he have to do for that lump sum?

His job. Well, really only half his job.

To obtain the carrot, the chancellor must fulfill five goals by 50 percent. 

The goals set by the board range from graduating 13,000-plus students to setting up the Alamo Colleges Online program.

District 2 trustee Denver McClendon said this bonus was set up to make Leslie’s salary “competitive.” 

Leslie earns more than his counterparts at Dallas County Community College, Houston Community College District and Tarrant County College.

If the chancellor is doing such a great job, why are four of our five colleges facing budget cuts?

This college’s departments are facing a budget cut of 25 percent. 

Is now really the time to give Leslie more money?

This is an incredibly tone-deaf move on the board’s part.

The board is the only body that seems to be impressed by Leslie’s performance, and it’s starting to get old.


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