PACE Survey being sent out to improve work environment

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Staff Senate hopes survey will close gap between faculty and staff.

By Sasha D. Robinson

The PACE survey was sent to staff and faculty Sept.26 to improve the work environment at this college.

According to National Initiatitive for Leadership and Institutional Effectiveness, on, the PACE survey stands for Personal Assessment of the College Environment.

In the email sent to all Alamo College District employees from Chancellor Bruce Leslie, the survey should help recognize employee perception and opinions and has helped improve the climate to employees in the past.

The surveys are measured on four factors: Institutional structure, supervisor relationship, teamwork and student focus.

All employees are encouraged take the survey, and the responses are used for growth in the Alamo Community.

Staff Senate President Erica Alvarez said in an interview Sept. 25 that the survey is short and confidential.

She said the survey is from a third party vendor that filters the numbers, so it will not be traced back to anyone who fills out the survey.

The survey link is sent to all Alamo Colleges district employee’s email address.

After it is completed, the link will be deactivated.

The link will be active for three weeks.

Staff Senate met at 3 p.m. Sept. 21 in the faculty/staff lounge of Loftin Student Center.

On Oct. 2, Alvarez said she will call different departments and ask if employees have filled out the survey and explain how important it is to have it filled.

Staff Senate will go to each department and use this opportunity for staff to meet them and answer questions or concerns.

“If we want to improve our work environment, this is an excellent way to get your voice heard and not have it go back to you,” Alvarez said. 

 “A lot of people make a mistake and think it is just overall questions for Alamo Colleges district when it is not,” Alvarez said. “The survey is actually asking about your campus and asking what do you think your work environment is.

Alvarez said changing the name to Staff Senate should change the communication gap between staff and administration because they were previously called Staff Council. 

“One of the ways Staff Senate is going to help is by us going out and saying, ‘Hey, we are here’,” Alvarez said. “If you have any questions or concerns, bring it to Staff Senate so we can bring it to administration and say, ‘this is happening and are you aware of it.’ It is a gap and we want to close it, but we don’t know if people don’t fill out the survey.”

Staff Senate also discussed going to Beacon Hill Elementary to pass out school supplies Sept. 27.

The senate raised $489 from a hamburger fundraiser in the mall on Sept 18.

Staff Senate will have a table at SACtacular on Oct. 20 selling beef and chicken fajitas.

In November, the senate will have its “Turkey Trot” turkey giveaway for staff and the Angel Tree gift drive to help disadvantaged students on Nov. 17 in the Fiesta Room of Loftin Student Center.

 Dr. Johnnie Rosenauer, program coordinator for real estate in the business department, will help Staff Senate with professional development sometime in October.

The session will be between 45 minutes to an hour-long class to help staff members with investments, creating a will, financial literacy and identity theft.

“Everyone is on board with what we are doing,” Alvarez said. “It is a different year, and I am a different president. Everyone runs their Staff Senate different. I am open to everyone’s opinion and try to get their ideas in because it is for the good of the staff.”

The next meeting for Staff Senate is 3 p.m. Oct. 5 in the faculty/staff lounge of Loftin Student Center.

For more information on Staff Senate, call Alvarez at 210-486-1702 or call Staff Senate Secretary Cynthia Escatel at 210-486-1139.

For questions about the survey, contact Direct of Diversity and Equity, Ed Contreras, at 210-485-0216 or email at


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