Alamo Colleges police, SAPD respond to report of handgun, find no threat

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Jacob Escobodo and David Brieten, patrolmen for the Alamo Colleges Police Department, search a student’s backpack Oct. 4 in Gonzales after the student was pulled from his class. He was allowed to return to class after being searched. The Alamo Colleges Police Department received a tip after 10:30 a.m. from a student who saw suspicious activity from an African-American male, possibly armed, carrying a black backpack and wearing baggy jeans. Escobodo and Brieten continued the routine search through Gonzales, Loftin, Nail and the nursing complex. Sgt. Guillermo Perez said there was no cause for an emergency alert. Deandra Gonzalez

Jacob Escobodo and David Brieten, patrolmen for the Alamo Colleges Police Department, look in classrooms for a suspicious person Oct. 4 in the nursing complex. Escobodo and Breiten searched all of Gonzales, Loftin, Nail and the nursing complex. Other patrolmen also searched Moody, Oppenhiemer, Center for Academic Enrichment and the student and staff parking lots. Deandra Gonzalez

This story originally appeared Oct. 4. It was revised Oct. 5.

Students are encouraged to contact police if they see an exposed firearm.

J. Del Valle and Austin P. Taylor and

A female student called Alamo Colleges Police Department to report a black male walking through campus with a handgun at 10:31 a.m. Oct. 4.

The unidentified male was reportedly seen walking from San Pedro Avenue toward Moody Learning Center.

He was said to be wearing a black sweater, baggy jeans and a black backpack.

“Once we received that call, San Antonio Police Department was contacted and they patrolled the outside perimeter of the campus,” said Christopher Fairbank, crime prevention officer for the Alamo Colleges Police Department.

Full details have not been released because the report has not been finalized.

Fairbank said no alerts were sent to student email or cell phones because no threat to students was discovered.

But police were taking precautions and had district officers do a walk-through of Moody, center for academic enrichment, Nail Technical Center, Loftin Student Center, Gonzales Hall and Oppenheimer Academic Center.

In Gonzales Hall, officers pulled a student from his class to search him, then allowed him to return to class.

A patrol vehicle was parked on Lewis Street, adjacent to Koehler Cultural Center, overlooking student parking Lot 5.

Police were present in most of the parking lots on this campus while they searched for a suspect.

Senate Bill 11 allows students to carry concealed handguns on two-year college campuses. The bill went into effect Aug. 1.

Individuals who wish to carry concealed firearms must be in possession of a concealed handgun license to remain within the confines of the law.

However, colleges are allowed to prohibit concealed carry in certain areas.

This college prohibits concealed carry in Scobee Planetarium, Candler Physical Education Center, the empowerment center, the early childhood studies center and the nursing and allied health complex.

Guns are also prohibited in these testing and assessment centers: Rooms 103, 112 and 113 of Fletcher Administration Center; Rooms 236C and 242 of Nail; Rooms 339 and 354 of Chance Academic Center; Room 104 of the science annex and Rooms 010C, 011A, 115 and 213 of the chemistry and geology building.

If a handgun carrier intends to enter one of these restricted areas, the person must first secure the weapon in a vehicle.

Any student not concealing a firearm will be approached by campus police.

If students see an exposed firearm, they are encouraged to call campus police. Do not approach the carrier.

For police, non-emergency calls or the 24-hour dispatch, call 210-485-0099. Call 210-485-0911 for emergencies.


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