Using Art To Learn about Hispanic Heritage

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Gabby Sigala architect freshman, paints Frida Kahlo with voluminous eyebrows and full lips at Art with Hispanic Flair event Sept. 26 in the craft room of Loftin. Students and faculty created many versions of the famous subject with artist Joan Fabian. Angelina Sara.

Students painted to learn more about Hispanic culture.

Sarah Centeno

Twenty-two Students took a break between classes and applied acrylic paint to canvases to create their own painting of Frida Kahlo in celebration of Hispanic Heritage month Sept. 26. in the Fiesta Room of Loftin Student Center.

This event was similar to “Painting with a Twist,” which is step-by-step instruction on painting with experienced local artists. Media services, visual resource specialist; Joan Fabian assisted students with their paintings.

“I have been an artist for 35 years, I focus particularly on abstract. I have taught on a college level and have also had my own exhibits in the McNay and the Smithsonian in Washington,” Fabian said.

Fabian chose Frida Kahlo, a Mexican painter who painted self-portraits that were inspired by Mexican popular culture, for students to draw because of Kahlo’s rich Hispanic heritage.

“I want the students to have fun. I want them to explore color. And when you paint someone, they might gain curiosity in that individual, so I’m hoping this sparks their interest in learning more about Frida Kahlo,” Fabian said.

Art freshman, Alexis Villapadierna participated.

“I think its important to bring out the aspect and history of Hispanic heritage, and this is a creative way for students to learn more about it,” Villapadierna said.

Students were able to take home their paintings.

Marketing sophomore, Athalie Garcia; painted A Frida Kahlo portrait with a colorful veil of flowers.

“I plan to put this painting in my apartment. I love paintings that represent Hispanic culture.” Garcia said.

Students were able to look through a book about Kahlo and all of the paintings she had ever done. It also contained stories about her life.

Students passed around the book from table to table choosing which Frida Kahlo painting they wanted to paint and also reading about her life.

Nicholas Delaunay, psychology sophomore; decided to put his painting skills to the test.

“Were looking at Frida Kahlo. She’s an icon for the Hispanic culture and it’s really up to students with how they are going to finish the painting and how it ties into their culture,” Delaunay said.

To find out more information about upcoming Hispanic heritage October events, contact Sr. Specialist of Student Success Carrie Hernandez at or call 210-486-0125.


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