Broken window interrupts the Rangers men’s basketball game Oct. 11

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Window shattered in Candler: Oct. 11, 2017

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Sam Casey, men’s basketball coach, tells Alamo College Patrolman Miguel Martinez that he doesn’t feel respected by the police Oct. 11 in Candler during halftime of the first home game. Casey wanted to wait until after the game to investigate but the police demanded it be done immediately or the Rangers would have to forfeit the game. Rob Trevino, at center, is the building ops supervisor at Candler. Brianna Rodrigue

By J. Del Valle and Brianna Rodrigue and

During halftime of the men’s basketball home game Oct. 11, the Rangers risked forfeiting the game over a broken window.

Coming off an aggressive first period at 43-42 against the Cardinals of the University of the Incarnate Word, a member of the Rangers team slapped a porthole window in the door to Gym 1 of Candler Physical Education Center, breaking the glass.

When Alamo Colleges police arrived, the Rangers coach, Sam Casey, refused to identify the culprit.

Casey called it an accident in an apparent attempt to protect his player.

Casey wanted the investigation to wait until after the game because he did not want it to interfere with play.

Police told the team the game would stop and the Rangers would forfeit the game if the player did not come forward.

It halted the game for an additional 15 minutes, causing a delay for the start of the second 20-minute period.

Finally, criminal justice freshman Michael Merchant admitted to slapping the window by accident when exiting to go to the locker room and cutting his hand on the broken glass.

Police protocol is to make sure the player is not badly injured and determine if medical attention is needed. Merchant did not require treatment.

Once the police talked to the team, the Rangers were allowed to resume the game, but Merchant spent the second half on the bench.

Continuing with the aggressive play, The Rangers edged out the Cardinals to win 90-87.


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  1. Concerned Ranger’s Fan on

    I’m sorry, but did you interview the Criminal Justice major, Michael Merchant about what happened? You can’t quote someone without getting their side of the story in order to properly quote them. Be careful, you can face legal repercussions after making false accusations about someone.

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