Student, not success fee

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 The college should stop the gimmicks and start hosting quality events.

 Charging students a dollar per hour of enrollment to fund community-building events and spirit-enthusing sports is a concept most people can get behind, but the nearly $300,000 a year of the student activity fee needs to be spent wisely.

When the majority of student activity fee money is going toward salaries and intramural sports coaches, the events funded by the leftover fee funds are bound to be lackluster.

This college used to host events that engaged students and inspired them to achieve great things, with speakers who held national clout and meaningful events that fostered school pride.

As every event seemingly draws smaller and smaller crowds, one can see the poorly planned spending of the student activity fee. 

Unenthusiastic counseling booths with college pens and badges makes food the primary lure for students.

A spinning wheel, cheap phone chargers and a speaker blasting Billboard’s Top 100 may not be the ideal conditions to entice and procure hordes of spirited college-goers.

If this college really wants to draw students together and to develop a sense of school pride, the office of student life needs to start putting money toward Pulitzer-Prize-winning speakers, Oscar-nominated actors and so on.

Give the students something to see or stop expecting them to show up for scraps.

Either stop hiring coordinators and assistants that leech on the student activity fee so the student activity fee can afford noteworthy speakers and fund club activities, or the student success staff may need to brush up on some magic tricks and entertaining gags worth drawing the masses.


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