SACtacular committee takes concealed carry into consideration

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Individuals Licensed for conceal carry can bring weapons to largest celebration on campus.

By Sasha D. Robinson

A coordinator and deputy chief at this college are confident in their ability to secure the campus during SACtacular, and this college’s deputy chief urges people to report incidents quickly.

Janae Johnson, coordinator of risk management, who is a part of the SACtacular committee, said the safety and security has been a part of the planning process and the committee feels confident that all safety precautions have been covered.

“Safety is something that we have been thinking about from Day 1,” Johnson said.

Johnson says Moody Learning Center, Loftin Student Center, Scobee Education Center, the nursing complex and the chemistry and geology building will be the only buildings open for restrooms for the event.

 “Because the event is outside, a lot of the buildings will not be accessible at all,” Johnson said.

Johnson said individuals licensed to carry a concealed weapon can have it at the event as long as it is concealed, even if children will be in attendance.

“Just the presence of children doesn’t prohibit concealed carry,” Johnson said. “The campus is legal since the law went into effect. With the exception of the tennis court because it is an athletic facility, there are no outdoor areas that are prohibited on campus.”

Alamo College’s Police Deputy Chief Joe Pabon said in an interview Oct. 10 that for the five years he has been at this college, campus police take security seriously at campus events.

Pabon said that campus police try to be positive when it comes to events and forecast how to handle a situation if it comes up.

“We have officers working overtime for SACtacular,” Pabon said. “In addition to the officers working SACtacular, the officers participating in SACtacular, and the officers on regular patrols, I think we have enough officers.”

Pabon Urged, “If you see something, say something. Do not wait five or 10 minutes to make the reporting. As soon as you see it, give us a call, let us know where you are, give us a description of the person and we will take care of it.”

This is the fifth year of SACtacular. It will be 5-9 p.m. Oct. 20 in the mall of this college.

According to the flyer, this will be a free event that is open to the public and is the largest celebration on campus.

The district police department can be reached for emergencies at 210-485-0911 or the non-emergency number is 210-485-0099.

For more information about SACtacular, visit the website

For information about conceal carry, call Johnson at 210-486-0902 or visit


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