Deandra Gonzalez, visuals editor and journalism freshman

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What class inspired you to join The Ranger staff?

I first took News Photo 1 with Dr. Edmund Lo, and that is one inspiration for joining The Ranger, but initially my love for photography and telling stories through photos is what made me want to work with The Ranger.


What was your favorite part of the TCCJA convention?

My favorite part was covering the “mock” crime scene that was set up for us to cover. It was really fast and quick. Me and Virginia Finster, the other photographer, were one of the first to arrive at the scene because we ran in front of the crowd. I thought it was cool because we were quick and the other groups were not.


What was the most fun part of the trip to Arlington?

The most fun I had was after the deadline was over because then the group and myself weren’t so stressed. Also hanging out with the other editors was fun.


When will you graduate from this college and what will you do afterward?

I will transfer in about a semester. I plan to transfer to Texas State or the University of Texas at Austin to continue photojournalism.


Where do you want to be in five years?

In five years I plan to be working as a photojournalist in Austin, or for any publications in state or out of country, too. If I don’t find a job immediately, I would like to join the Peace Corps. I love traveling, and that’s why I also want to pursue photojournalism to document where I go, and to tell stories from places no one’s been, or can’t go.


Why are you interested in journalism or photography?

I’m interested in photojournalism to tell stories, and I love pictures.


How did you contribute to the TCCJA multimedia package? Which award did you win?

I contributed three photos for the multimedia package. I got third place in dominant photo. I got first place in photo story package with Virginia.  


How will working for The Ranger help you reach your career goals?

Working for The Ranger has helped me develop my photography skills, news gathering, leadership and responsibility. … The advisers help push me and help me improve, and learning from my mistakes now will help me not make them with a bigger publication. The Ranger has also helped me build my portfolio with a variety of spot news photos, sports, documentary, events, meetings and even video production. The Ranger has helped me develop skills in all aspects of journalism.


To register for journalism or photography classes, call 210-486-1765, email or visit Room 204 of Loftin Student Center.


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