Virginia Finster, staff photographer and journalism sophomore

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What is your favorite part about journalism/photography?

My favorite part about journalism and photography is being able to convey a special moment. It’s all about what story you’re telling, whether it’s the frustration of protesters outside city hall or the beauty of a couple’s wedding moments.


When will you graduate? What will you do after?

I’ll graduate in 2021, although I’ll always try to continue my education down the road with plans to pursue my master’s. Above all, however, I want to travel the world.


Where do you want to be in five years?

I want to be well-informed more than anything else, and I want to be where the world needs me most.


Why journalism/photography?

I started as a photographer when I was 13, just taking photos and learning more about the trade. I left school at 15 to homeschool myself and do humanitarian work, and I discovered that I want to hold people accountable and invoke change in the world. I can do that through photography, taking pictures from desolate places around the world … take a stand or stand aside.


How did you contribute to the multimedia package?

I took three of the six photos that won first place in the photography category — photos 4, 5 and 6 specifically.


To register for journalism or photography classes, call 210-486-1765, email or visit Room 204 of Loftin Student Center.


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