Letter: Free speech and artistic expression

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I can relate to the article “Chalk Day reminds students of right of free speech,” published Sept. 29, because I participated in the annual Chalk Day and witnessed literal and artistic forms of expression.

My chalk-made form of free speech was a drawing that made me feel unique and empowered.

Freedom of speech is a beautiful right that exists inside of us all, and seeing it being publicly displayed at large by fellow students has inspired me to make my voice be heard.

The simple idea of “expressing yourself with chalk” is something that all colleges in the United States should participate in.

It helps students feel the significance that they have contributed with their voice.

Society is an intimidating presence, but if a student realizes that one voice can make a difference, can they become that difference in society?

Some colleges around the nation are very polarized by different views today, but giving students the opportunity to publicly share their ideas can bring acceptance among each other.

If Chalk Day becomes a widespread phenomenon happening at other campuses, will their students be impacted the same way I was?

Annual social activities like Chalk Day could be what students around the country need to feel the confidence and empowerment to express themselves and stand out in society.

Freedom of speech grants us this special potential.

Jacob Sendejo
Radio-Television Broadcasting Freshman


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