Letter: Bad bench behavior

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Regarding: “The bench that broke the bank” published Oct. 2, a few days ago, I spoke with a visual arts professor who expressed frustration with this topic.

It was the first time hearing this news, and until I read this article, I was uncertain how to feel about this topic.

After noticing that both sources were similar in information, I questioned my role at SAC.

As part of the student body with a year of classes to go, these expenses affect my education as well as my peers.

Budget cuts are taking place in our education and are being funneled toward displeasing objects.

Students should be provided information in a case like this, possibly a take poll, and discover if there were enough participants to help create a memorial for San Antonio College.

If administration had done so, the college may have saved a tremendous amount in dollars and provided the campus with a memorial to be proud of.

This would have provided students to become actively involved on campus, given sentimental value to the memorial, and provided our visual arts program with the experience to work with students in constructing a work of art.

Fact, this could have involved our students who are taking engineering classes, architecture classes, and even our business majors.

Students could have constructed a memorial from the ground up, while our business students learned to manage the budget given for this piece.

Furthermore, I appreciate this article and thank you for the awareness I now have toward future college spending.

Continuing from here I plan to educate myself on issues arising on campus and read The Ranger weekly.

Denise Rodriguez

Psychology Major


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