Charles Marshall Eads Jr., retired purchasing agent

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Why are you applying for the District 9 position?

Eads, 78, said he has experience in teaching and as an administrator, and he would like to be of service.

What qualifications do you have that make you a valuable candidate?

Eads said he has been a student and an instructor, saying this allows him to understand both sides of teaching.

Eads spent 18 years on Selma City Council and 18 years as a Bexar County purchasing agent.

He has a master’s in management and a bachelor’s degree in business.

What makes you a good representative of the constituents of District 9?

Eads said he would be a good representative because he has been serving the District 9 constituency for several years, having served nine terms as an elected Selma City Councilman and 18 years as an appointed Bexar County purchasing agent.

Eads said he takes a very “universal” approach, saying he would represent the Alamo Colleges as a whole if appointed.

How closely have you followed the board of trustees, and how well do you feel they function?

Eads said he has closely followed the board and knows them by reputation.

He said the board appears to have a very good reputation at state and national levels, but he questioned if the district is graduating “worthwhile” students and providing community training at a reasonable cost.

Eads could not say if he thought the cost of attending the Alamo Colleges is affordable because he wasn’t sure what the cost per credit hour is.

He said he understands the cost of college because he sent four kids through college, but he said it couldn’t be free because the district must balance taxpayer money with tuition.

He said the community, or taxpayers, are paying for the majority of Alamo Colleges students’ bill.

Have you enrolled in any classes in the Alamo Colleges?

Eads took classes at this college, but he didn’t “care about the Associate’s” because he was also attending St. Mary’s University.

What are issues you are concerned about that you would like to see addressed by the board? Any special interest in the two colleges in your district?

Eads stressed the importance of community training for skills beyond simply offering degrees.

He couldn’t identify any “glaring issues,” but he is aware of the “struggles” with accreditation at Northeast Lakeview College. He said accreditation is important for a community college.

Eads said he would like to be a part of the accreditation process, saying he understands accreditation of Northeast Lakeview College to be close to complete.

How did you find out about the District 9 vacancy and application? Did a current board member approach you? How do you know them?

Eads said District 5 trustee Roberto Zárate approached Father Pat O’Brien, of St. Pius X Catholic Church, and asked for candidate recommendations. Eads said O’Brien recommended him, Zárate contacted him and he decided to volunteer.

Eads said he met several board members at the opening of the Duran Welcome Center, but he has not worked with any board members professionally.


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