Joyce Townsend, founder of JLP Revenues

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Why are you applying for the District 9 position?

Townsend, 56, said she applied for the interim trustee position because she found that district changes were not communicated to students.

She said she understands the need for transparency and communication as someone who has always worked in communications and political organizations.

What qualifications do you have that make you a valuable candidate?

Townsend said she has a strong corporate background, having been the president of the U.S. division of a multinational company.

She said she formed her own company, JLP revenues, which she said researches demographics for women running for office.

What makes you a good representative for the constituents of District 9?

Townsend said she is a “bridge-builder” and is able to act as a liaison between different groups and goals to bridge them.

She said the district is interesting because it is very diverse, whether it be age, background or income.

Townsend said she has lived in District 9 for a “very long time,” nine years according to her application.

How closely have you followed the board of trustees, and how well do you feel they function?

Townsend said she follows the board closely.

She said being a trustee is a tough position, but she thinks she can speak up and let board Chair Yvonne Katz, District 7 trustee, know what District 9 needs.

Townsend said she could communicate the needs of District 9 well so Katz is not “out there floundering and wondering what’s going on.”

She said the board functions well, but they could benefit from her experience in communication.

Townsend said there are big changes happening in the district, referencing Chancellor Bruce Leslie’s retirement, but she said she could effectively represent District 9 during these changes.

Townsend said the board is doing well, but she thinks everyone can improve.

Have you enrolled in any classes in the Alamo Colleges?

Townsend said she was a student in the paralegal program at this college until about a year ago.

She said she wanted to pursue a paralegal certification to do more legal and case law work.

Townsend said she transferred to the University of Texas at Austin because classes she was enrolling in at this college were being dropped, and the qualifications for paralegal certification were changing.

What issues are you concerned about that you would like to see addressed by the board? Do you have any special interest in the two colleges in your district?

Townsend said she would dig into the budget immediately if she is appointed.

She said she has seen bits and pieces of the budget, but she would like to really look into the budget to see how budget changes are impacting the district and learn how to operate around those impacts.

How did you find out about the District 9 vacancy and application? Did a current board member approach you, and how well do you know them?

Townsend said she saw the vacancy and application pop-up in the city and was notified by several people in the city.

Though she has worked with Katz in a few organizations, such as the San Antonio Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Can We Talk, a consortium of women’s organizations, Katz did not approach her about the position.


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